Suffering from Dry Eye?


86% of people suffering from dry eye have MGD. The good news is that it’s treatable!

Dr. Jenifer Ramsower

Dry Eye Center of Florida

We are the first and only clinic in Central Florida dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye. We combine the latest research and technology to successfully relieve our patients’ dry eye symptoms. It is important that my patients receive personalized, compassionate care from start to finish. I am involved during the entire process and that helps me to obtain the best results for my patients.

– Dr. Ramsower

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Dr. Ramsower has provided comprehensive eye care in Brevard County since 2005. She is known for her compassion and dedication to her patients’ overall wellness and is happy to take care of all their eye care needs. Call Dry Eye Center of Florida today for your comprehensive eye care!

Get relief now for your dry eye symptoms!

Assessing the Cause of Your Dry Eyes

Once you make an appointment we will assess the root cause of your dry eye symptoms.

Identifying Your Dry Eye Symptoms

Symptoms can range from watering eyes, the feeling of foreign matter in your eyes, blurry vision and irritation. Take this questionnaire to discover the severity of your symptoms.

Treating Your Dry Eyes

Depending on the cause and severity of dry eye, there are multiple treatments available 

Patient Testimonials

"For many years Dr. Ramsower has been monitoring my macular degeneration, as well as my overall eye health. She is a brilliant, dedicated doctor who wants to help people. Therefore, when she approached me about her new dry eye clinic, I was immediately interested. I know her to be meticulous and well-planned. The test was given to identify the problem and severity, as well as the treatment needed. I returned in two days for the initial treatment, which was easy and painless. At each visit, I received instructions that are easy to follow to boost the longevity of the treatment. The best part is resting 20 minutes every day with a warm eye mask. Advice and help from Dr. Ramsower is always available."
~ Patti B., Patient
"I've just finished treatment that helps alleviate the pain, redness, and burning that is associated with dry eyes. In my case, ocular rosacea was a contributing factor to this condition. Styes and sores were visibly evident during flare-ups and my eyes watered constantly. The latter symptom hindered vision. Dr. Ramsower offers a treatment for this condition. She is a kind, soft-spoken and caring physician, and I appreciate her introducing me to this procedure. My eyes are now clear, but more importantly, I do not experience the irritation and watering of the eyes that affected my quality of life."
~ Cheryl M., Patient